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Painting and Drawing Lesson


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According to the publisher of the Learn And Master Painting video lessons, it is designed to be the most thorough, logical and easy to understand way to learn oil, acrylic and water mixable oil painting no matter your present level of skills or talent. During this course, the student will create several complete paintings from start to finish. This dvd lesson set is geared for rank beginners with no experience or formal training through accomplished painters that wish to round out their knowledge base and benefit from the advanced lessons.

Description: Master Painting and Drawing Lesson Reviews
MasterPaintingLessons is dedicated to comparing and reviewing popular painting and drawing courses, books and dvd sets. Gayle was born into a family of artists and knew from the young age of five years old that she wanted to draw. This award winning artist was formally educated at the University of Denver as well as with the renowned Master Painter, Robert Douglas Hunter. Her art and training under Mr. Hunter is featured in the American Artist Magazine.

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