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Most people donít pay attention to news theme music consciously. But unconsciously it does register. On an unconscious level the theme music communicates a lot about the newscast that it introduces. Compositions heavy on synthesizers tend to remind us of tabloidy and sensational stories, while big orchestras remind us of serious and substantive journalism. So even though the average viewer might find it so unimportant that it goes by unnoticed, network news executives spend tons of time and money on getting it Ďjust rightí.

Description: Network News Music
What I noticed when I built the site was that a lot of people also appreciated news music. All the e-mails I get each week suggest that there are quite a few viewers out there who develop an emotional connection with the music. I donít think that is strange. Music conveys emotion really well and the news Ė especially big events Ė are usually an emotional deal. So the music they heard for so many years on television brings back a certain feeling. Something that reminds them of a time that has passed.

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