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A group of photographers, teachers, and students dedicated to preserving the tradition of the well-crafted image. Offering workshops open to both traditional and digital photography. We are about craft. Passion for the craft of photography drives everything we do, from teaching to printing to designing products. I’m not talking about technique — technique implies a means to an end. I’m talking about craft as a creative process, an artistic endeavor that one savors in and of and for itself, regardless of the end product. A process that is so rich with learning and growth, that one would never want to “shortcut” their way to snapping the shutter. Craft is the mechanism for exploring the image, which in turn becomes a window into the Great Mystery — the “universality of life” as Ruth Bernhard calls it. That’s what interests us and that’s what we do well.

Description: Mono Basin Photographics
The cultural landscape of photography has changed tremendously since we began teaching workshops 27 years ago. In 1981, most students still showed up to workshops with manual cameras! Automatic cameras, Ansel’s passing, and the digital revolution have been major factors in these changes. Photography has never really been just one thing. But now, more than ever, it seems to have sorted into independent genres. Over the past two years, we have reevaluated where we think Mono Basin Photographics fits into this new cultural milieu.

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