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Liliane Bohbot


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My work stems from diverse influences and genres. I learn how to draw from the street. I began as a portrait artist in the streets of Old Montreal in the early 80's. After a few years working with portraiture, I then traveled to Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy earning my ride from street portraiture. It was later on that I pursued a BFA at Concordia University where I learn how to undo what I had already known much to my dismay. I then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in the same place only to learn that art and passion aren't earned at University.

Description: Liliane Bohbot - Montreal Artist + Designer
Right now I am teaching at the College and University level in Graphic Arts while still pursuing creation in many forms. I love to create and love the female form as well as portraits. The works you're about to view are only an indication of what I have done. A lot of works have been lost, given, stolen or other.

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