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Mr. Gerzson won an art scholarship in 1961 to Moscow, in 1964 to Vienna, and in 1968 to Paris. Since 1959 he regularly participates in national and international exhibitions. He has been on study tours in almost every European country, Russia, and India. Mr. Gerzson is former department head and professor of painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and President of the Association of Fine and Applied Arts. San Diego gallery specializing in Contemporary and Modern paintings, drawings, sculpture.

Description: Ivanffy-Uhler Gallery, San Diego/Carlsbad art galleries - dealers and consultants - artists gallery
Mr. Gerzson's paintings are characterized by a constructivist interpretation of phenomena, wizardry of colour and light, and dynamism of form and space. Gerzson's abstract landscapes join two worlds; the realist object world and the geometric abstract one, the impressionistic dazzle of coloured spots and the hard stripes of colour. He makes no attempt to choose between the two worlds; he aims at a kind of wholeness that stems from the meeting of two extremes, two opposing elements. This is not a conflict, but a dialogue built on a shared foundation.

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