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Since the mid 1990's, Illume has mastered the art of candle manufacturing. Former owner, Lynette Reed began making Illume candles in her LA garage over 15 years ago. She wanted a candle that she could smell in the room, whether it was burning or simply part of the home's decor. From there, the business grew outside of her garage and into a small boutique in West Hollywood. Her objective still holds true - vibrant colors and unique fragrances make Illume what it is today. Illume candles are still hand poured in LA and constantly improving and growing with our newest line of 100% natural candles.

Description: Candles - Illume All Natural Scented Candles - Collections Online
Illume candles, pillars, jar candles and tins bring style and fragrance to your spaces. Our 100% natural scented candles are made with essential oils. Our scented soy candles are hand poured and provide fragrance when burning or simply as part of the home's decor. Illume candles are crafted from either our natural-wax formulation of soy, palm and beeswax or our food-grade paraffin. Our candles are blended with essential oils and contain only lead-free cotton- or paper-core wicks.

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