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Howe, Laurence - Innovation Game Poetry


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Poetry collection spanning 40 years.

Description: Innovation Game Poetry Pages
The innovationgame. The Poetry Pages share some of the authors less formal creative thoughts. The poems have been written of a period of more than forty years. Most (but not all) of the later poems are sonnets. This is essentially a personal website. It is unusual because it has several different purposes. These include science, moral issues, poetry and business applications. The common theme running through the whole site is creativity and innovation. The Innovation and Risk Pages are intended to share ideas and encourage the spread of real corporate innovation and encourage the use of risk based methods. The Physics Pages are designed to stimulate imaginative outside the box thinking about our ideas of matter, space and time. The Traffic Pages describe the novel VEDENS computer model, which is designed as a tool to help planners and developers come to terms with traffic flow issues. The topical issues pages contain papers written by the author on topics of moral importance.

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