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Gloucestershire On Screen


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Gloucestershire On Screen, a website set up to examine the role Gloucestershire has played in the history of TV and film-making. Using "before and after" photographs and film stills of film & TV made in the county, Gloucestershire On Screen illustrates how alluring the county is to potential film directors and TV producers. With the inaugral Cheltenham Film Festival planned to take place in October 2010, this website is aiming to be at the forefront of a resurgance of interest in local film and telvision.

Description: Gloucestershire On Screen
Gloucestershire On Screen: Showcasing and exploring the history of TV and film in Gloucestershire. With filming locations and "before and after" photos. From Harry Potter to Bridget Jones and from If... to The Whistle Blower. the county of Gloucestershire is renowned for its film-making and TV success. Read all about it here.

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