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Global HELP : Health-Education Using Low-Cost Publications


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After experiencing the tragedy of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Drs. Lynn & Lana Staheli came to the conclusion that the best way to deal with conflict in the world was to address the underlying causes. While recognizing that the causes of terrorism are complex and multiple, the Stahelis believed the fundamental causes included poverty, despair, and poor health-care. Improving health would lead to a more peaceful world, they concluded, and improving health requires access to health-care information.

Description: Global HELP : Health-Education Using Low-Cost Publications
While teaching in numerous countries, the Stahelis witnessed first-hand the need for information sharing in the medical world. Traditional sources of health-care information in journals and medical books that are traditionally produced in the United States and Europe were unaffordable and sometimes unsuitable in other areas of the world. They saw whole hospitals whose entire medical libraries did not fill a single bookshelf.

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