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Jud Guitteau is a Northwest boy. Born in Seattle Washington and raised in Eugene Oregon he lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and two kids. The family assumed that he would be a dentist which lead to a degree in Biology. Dental school wanted him but he didn’t want them. After traveling and working abroad, it was back to school for a degree in Landscape Architecture. That one stuck for a while and he had a successful design and construction company until he decided to finally do what he had always wanted to do.

Description: Illustration by Jud Guitteau, Commercial Artist
Artist Portfolio Conceptual Art and Illustration, Magazine Cover Art, Annual Report Artwork, Advertising Artist. Jud has continually evolved his style and now works in digital media as well as acrylic painting. Many illustrations begin as hand drawings or paintings that are then scanned and manipulated. He has recently started experimenting with adding photography to his illustrations.

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