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David Wasserman - Tincanman


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David Wasserman (1917-1999) was a graphic designer and cartoonist who experimented in his spare time with metal collage. For more than thirty years, he created richly-detailed large-scale pictures by nailing small pieces of tin cans, aluminum soda cans and other metals to sheets of plywood. Since he wanted to explore all the artistic possibilities of the medium, the style of his work ranges from abstract to cartoon to realistic, and his subject matter includes famous people, powerful beasts, the depths of space, family photos, and an urban cityscape.

Description: David Wasserman - Tincanman
He competed his first work of metal art in the late 1960's, a brilliant sunburst assembled from pieces cut from ordinary "tin" cans (which are really steel cans thinly coated with tin). When aluminum soda cans came into use, he found himself admiring their vivid industrial colors. Long before recycling became fashionable, he and his wife Betty would rummage through trash cans in Eisenhower Park, near their Long Island home, to find just the right shade of red or green or yellow to complete a work in progress.

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