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Many moons ago, when the World Wide Web was young (1994 or so), as I taught myself HTML, Perl, and such, I cast about for what unique contribution I might be able to make. Using search engines to research the issue, I found nothing at all about Chinese knotting and in a moment of hubris decided that I would create The Chinese Knotting Home Page. Without a scanner, digital camera, or any of the other resources available to me today, I set about creating the authoritative site about Chinese knotting, independently and without any official affiliation of any kind. Soon thereafter (and before I got very far), I found a full-time job and got entirely sidetracked by life in general.

Description: Chinese Knotting
The history of knots, due to the perishable nature of the media (plant fibres, animal hide strips, and yarns), is very poorly documented and mostly lost to antiquity. But baskets for carrying, ropes for snares, and lacing for garments were as crucial to the development of human civilization as flint spear heads, wooden boats, and bronze ploughs. Wherever utilitarian knots appeared, decorative knots were not far behind, and nowhere was the art of decorative knotting as highly developed as in Imperial China. A magnificent variety of complex knots ornamented everything from sword hilts to teapots, lady's fans to temple walls, and peasant coats to the empress's hair.

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