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Celebrating Christopher Walken


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Some of the early television programs Chris appeared on included the Ernie Kovacs Show, Colgate Comedy Hour, Playhouse 90 and the Armstrong Circle Theater. He was also a regular character on the television series, The Wonderful John Acton and later, Chris was seen in episodes of Naked City, Hawaii Five-O, and Kojak. Chris continued to work in theater, both on and off Broadway, for years until he landed his first movie role. Though he screen tested for leading roles in such films as Love Story and Star Wars, he didn’t win a significant part in a movie until 1971 when he was chosen to play alongside Sean Connery in The Anderson Tapes.

Description: Celebrating Christopher Walken
During the years immediately afterward Walken appeared in a vast number of movies including Stephen King's, The Dead Zone, the James Bond film, A View to a Kill, and he played arch-villain Max Shreck in Batman Returns. Walken also worked with director Robert Redford on The Milagro Beanfield War and played Sergeant Toomey in Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues. Who can forget those unforgettable Walken monologues from the movies True Romance and Pulp Fiction. Christopher Walken is such a master at playing the villain, he will certainly continue to excel in those types of roles, though much to his satisfaction, it seems he is now freer to expand his performances to other genres like comedy and dance. In fact, Chris once said that he dreams of someday playing the part of a regular person, a man with a family - someone with a house and children and a dog...

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