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Laces have changed completely my life and interests, and bobbin lace has become a passion as well as a part time job. Into 90's I started to learn how to make bobbin lace, I attended courses for 4 years and I am now teaching to different groups, 4 hours per week and making my own designs. Since 2004 I contribute with my own designs in different techniques with the magazine LACE EXPRESS. On the other hand, I am spreading the Spanish lace called Witch Stitch Lace, since 2002, self publishing 3 booklets in Spanish and English, which have had a great success and acceptation by lacemakers.

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For those who have not a go at bobbin lace I would say that lacemaking is a totally absorbing relaxation which challenges at the same time. I can switch off completely and forget the troubles and problems I have been dealing with all day and lose myself in the calm of lace and sound of bobbins.

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