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"Callous" is a daily comic strip series featuring Rianne Nicah, a struggling new physician, who braves the world with her guardian duck, Cal Duck. Rianne is Cal's first charge as a guardian duck, so he occasionally has his on-the-job mentors (Mallard Duck, Decoy Duck, and Ling Duck) with him. Guardian Ducks, as guardians go, are not invisible which is much to the chagrin of Rianne. Nevertheless, she has gained good friends in her otherworldly housemates. Callous is a lighthearted look into everyday life, both within and outside of the medical field.

Description: Callous - Comic Strip
Callous and all its related characters are written, illustrated, and created by Carlo Jose S. San Juan, MD, who has been working on the award-winning series since 1996. He is a practicing physician and began daily publishing of the series online in 2009. Follow Rianne, a struggling new physician, who braves the world with her guardian duck, Cal Duck, and his on-the-job mentors! Updated Daily!

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