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Above Ground


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Free dark adventure fantasy fiction by A. M. Harte. Life above ground is something Lilith has never experienced. When she gets the chance to visit the outside world, she’s understandably ecstatic. But the infected have a reputation for being dangerous for a reason, and Lilith is about to find out why.

Description: Above ground - qazyfiction
The words ‘dressing room’ had conjured up images of somewhere dimly lit, with thick, crushed velvet curtains, mirrors framed by bare light bulbs, and clothes scattered throughout. This, Silver thought, his lip curling up in disgust, was no such dressing room. The room was bare, with flaking plaster walls and a concrete floor. There was a cheap wooden table in the centre, large enough to sit five people, with a few bottles of water and a plate of sandwiches on top. There was only one chair left at the table; the other four had already been taken by his temporary roommates.

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